FOOTBALL: Champions League: Drogba Galatasaray and Juventus are breaking

December 11th, 2013


Turkish club Galatasaray qualified for Wednesday, December 11th knockout of the Champions League after a thrilling match that had been arrested the day before for reasons EM , téorologiques. Istanbulites beat Juventus 1-0 thanks to a goal from Dutch Wesley Sneijder in the 85th minute. The Ivorian Didier Drogba is the author of the decisive pass for Sneijder.

A draw would have qualified yet Juve, but the Italian league title failed to contain the Turkish enthusiasm. The Turin club third in Group B and finally terminates finds repaid in 16 of the Europa League final.

The suspense was at its height in this encounter, the match was arrested Tuesday night after 31 minutes because of a severe hail storm and snow had taken until Wednesday to 14 hours.

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The Ukrainian opposition hopes to mobilize a million demonstrators in Kiev

December 8th, 2013


Ukrainian opponents expect a record mobilization Sunday. Proponents of European integration indeed hope to gather a million people to protest against the volte-face of power on an association agreement with the European Union in favor of Russia. "We must be more than a million and we will force President (Viktor) Yanukovych fulfill our conditions," launched on Saturday is the boxer Vitali Klitschko, one of the opposition leaders . "Our future depends on each of you," said he added.

This gathering, announced at 12:00 (10:00 GMT) in the country, may increase a little more tension. The refusal to sign the end of November the Association Agreement with the EU negotiated for three years and the violence against protesters there one week plunged this country of 46 million inhabitants in a crisis unprecedented policy since the 2004 Orange Revolution that brought to power pro-Western.

Opposition calls for the organization of early and punishment of those responsible for police violence and the release of persons remanded in custody for "disorders" elections and that it considers innocent. 

"We want a revolution"

Between 200,000 and 500,000 people, according to sources - had gathered 1

December this place after a violent dispersal of a demonstration the day before at the same place that has left dozens wounded, including many students.

Protesters continue to occupy makeshift camps on the Independence Square in Kiev say their fight has nothing to do with money. "We want our country reached the level of the most developed countries in Europe. This means a real democracy and equal rights before the law, "said Valentina Mysak, 58, who planned to attend the event on Sunday.

"At the bottom of our heart, we want revolution," commented Dennis Tcherniavski, 25, farm laborer. "The question is no longer to reach Europe but to have a government with a human face".

With AFP and Reuters

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MIDDLE EAST: The widow of Yasser Arafat "shocked" by the contradictions between experts

December 4th, 2013


The widow of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat said she was "upset", Tuesday, December 3, the contradictions between Swiss and French experts on the causes of death of her husband, the first privileged , giant track poisoning, the latter saying it would be a natural death.

"What does he think?" Said Suha Arafat, during a press conference in Paris. If she says "no blame anyone," she says nevertheless hope that the experts considered "the best in Europe", able to provide a consistent finding . His lawyer, Pierre-Olivier Sur, also said he would ask that the Swiss expertise is paid to the French procedure for "cross" the two versions.

Common point of expertise: the presence of polonium high dose

If the findings of French and Swiss experts differ on this matter, there is one point on which everyone agrees: the presence of polonium in above average in the body of Yasser Arafat dose. For French, the presence of a naturally occurring radioactive gas, radon in the outside environment, explain these high doses. The Swiss have meanwhile spread the influence of radon, said the widow.

After the discovery of polonium, a highly toxic radioactive substance on the personal effects of her husband, Suha Arafat had filed in July 2012, a complaint against X for murder. This product was, according to her, given to Arafat by a member of his entourage. The judges in charge of this case had then ordered the exhumation of the remains of the ruler, which was done in November 2012.

Sixty samples were divided for analysis into three teams of investigators, Swiss, French and Russian, each performing work individually, without contact with others. Following the study of these samples, the Swiss said in early November that they prefer the trail of a poisoning. The French for their part, rejected this hypothesis. As for the Russians, they are yet remained cautious, saying it was impossible to determine whether the polonium was the cause of death.

With AFP

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Croatia will she ban gay marriage?

December 1st, 2013


Polling stations opened Sunday, 1 December in Croatia in a referendum against gay marriage. Voters must decide on a revision of the Constitution, which so far does not contain a definition of marriage. They must answer the question of whether marriage must be established by the Constitution as "a union between a man and a woman." In case of a positive vote, so this review would prevent the introduction of a law on marriage between two persons of the same sex to the image of "marriage for all" in France …

This consultation was launched by a conservative group called "on behalf of the family," which managed to collect a petition with 700,000 signatures, enabling Parliament to convene a referendum. Gay marriage is not allowed in Croatia, but these movements near Catholic circles, want to block such an eventuality. They rallied after the announcement by the government of a new legislation.

"We believe that marriage, children and family are so important that the whole society must decide to change their definition," has said from the & rsquo , AFP Zeljka Markic, President "On behalf of the family."

"Vote for your dignity"

Faced with this initiative, the center-left government has tried to prevent by legal means the referendum, but without success. "President Ivo JosipoviÄ? and Prime Minister Zoran MilanoviÄ? then repeated the urge they would vote against. They called Croats to think carefully and associations defending human rights did the same with a simple argument. If Croatia accepts this restrictive view of marriage it goes against European values ​​of respect for minorities, "said Laurent Rouy our antenna, FRANCE 24 correspondent in Belgrade.

Faced with this vote, the center-left activists of human rights and civil society figures have called on Croatians to vote no and defend the right of homosexuals . More than a thousand people and demonstrated Saturday in Zagreb against the revision of the Constitution, holding placards that read "Homosexuality is not a choice, but the hatred is a "or" vote for your dignity. "

"There are plenty of reasons against the referendum. The reason for this change in the Constitution is difficult to fit our fellow citizens who are sexual minorities "life is so indignant Damir Kovacic, an engineer of 34 years.

"It's like if you were forced to ask permission to marry four million people. This is exactly how my fiance and I live in this situation, "for his part told Ljubomir Mateljan, a gay activist.

According to a recent survey, 68% of voters intend to vote yes in the referendum, against 27% who say no. Despite this consultation, the attitude towards gay rights has improved significantly in recent years in this country that has acceded to the European Union last July. While in 2002 the first gay pride was marked by aggression, a year later, Croatia was granted to same-sex couples the same rights as hey , térosexuels cohabiting. With news (AFP)

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MALI: General Amadou Sanogo arrested at his home in Bamako

November 28th, 2013


General Amadou Sanogo, the coup d'état of March 2012 to Mali, was arrested, Wednesday, Nov. 27 in Bamako, by Malian security forces announced and the Malian Ministry of Defence. Dozens of armed Malian soldiers entered his home and came out shortly after taking him to the rear of a vehicle, according to a journalist & rsquo , AFP.

The former captain, promoted to the rank of general in August, must be brought before a judge who will listen about the atrocities committed by his men and the death of six people during a military demonstration in September. "He did not want to go to court, so we have to execute a warrant," said AFP military at the scene.

"Deeply shocked"

Amadou Sanogo had been summoned by the end of October a judge Bamako but had not presented before him, provoking the ire of several parties and civil society Mali. There is a week, the United Front for safeguarding democracy and the Republic (FDR), a coalition of parties and organizations who opposed the coup, is e , was "deeply shocked" that the general Sanogo not respond to a court summons.

In the months following the coup of 22 March 2012 that precipitated the seizure of northern Mali by jihadist groups, headquarters Sanogo and his men located in a barracks near Bamako has been the site of numerous abuses against military considered loyal to the ousted president, Amadou Toumani Touré. Politicians, journalists and members of civil society have also claimed to have been victims of abuse.

With AFP and Reuters

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MALI: Legislative in Mali: a vote in the quiet but fervent

November 25th, 2013


National and international observers feared jihadist attacks, this Sunday, November 24, on the day of voting in parliamentary elections in Mali. There has been nothing. The voting was relatively smoothly except for the Tuareg separatists intervention that caused a few scares in the north of Mali.

Several protesters were in fact opposed to the conduct of elections in the city of Talataye. "No vote, we want independence" North Mali, they chanted before destroying urns, according to Malian military sources. "Here, where 10,000 voters are registered, there was no vote, because the population has shown to prevent its smooth and enter the electoral material" said his side the Mayor Mohamed Assaley himself independence, and former member of the Tuareg rebellion of the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad ( MNLA).

Observers feared the reaction of the Touareg face in this election. MNLA is fighting for the territory of the Azawad region in northern Mali, is independent. In the town of Kidal, birthplace of the Tuareg and MNLA, incidents have also been caused by separatist Tuareg: car windows were broken, and e bursts injured a woman, according to a West African military source.

Dull campaign

After the fervor caused by the August 11 presidential won by Ibrahim Boubacar Keita (known IBK), 6.5 million Malians to the polls on Sunday voted without great enthusiasm. In general, the campaign was dull, it has not attracted.

"Today, in Bamako, you could count on the fingers of one hand the voters passing hour, five, six, maximum," Julien tells Sauvaget special envoy of FRANCE 24 Mali. "We are far from turnout presidential this summer," he adds. The first results are expected Monday.

The low voter turnout Mali can be explained by the fear of population exposure to terrorist attacks. It must be said that despite the French military intervention began there nearly a year, jihadist elements are still active in Mali since late September, these groups have killed ten Malian soldiers, and Chadian civilians. Friday, 22 November in Bamako, a French policeman was slightly injured by a sniper whose motives are still unclear. This is the first such attack in the Malian capital since the beginning of the French intervention. The day before, rockets, probably fired by Islamists, have fallen into the outskirts of Gao, the largest city in Northern without casualties.

IBK seeking a comfortable majority

The objective of the presidential party, the Rally for Mali (RPM), is to give the president a comfortable majority in the National Assembly of 147 members for him allow to carry out his difficult task of recovery. But according to observers, it will be difficult for one party to win a majority and RPM may be required to have an alliance with others, especially the Alliance for Democracy in Mali (Adema).

Party, one of the oldest and most established, had torn at the Presidential: some of its leaders have chosen to support IBK, another Soumaïla Cissé ,. The latter, from the Timbuktu region (northwest), where he is the candidate of his party, the Union for the Republic and Democracy (URD), aims to become the leader the parliamentary opposition.

It was one of the fiercest opponents of the coup of 22 March 2012 led by an obscure Captain Amadou Haya Sanogo, the Malian justice convened in late October to meet the many abuses, which were accused his men after the coup. Sanogo, powered general in August by the transitional regime then in place, has not responded to the summons, what has outraged a coalition of parties, including the Soumaïla Cissé.

With AFP news

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SHOOTER IN PARIS: Abdelhakim Dekhar an "enigmatic" shooter came from the ultra-left

November 21st, 2013


It is a ghost of the 1990s, "a strange and enigmatic man", who has resurfaced in the French legal landscape. Abdelhakim Dekhar, the alleged gunman in the attack on Liberation and Defense confused through DNA analysis, is not really a stranger to the French court. The man came from the benches of the French ultra-left and anarchist revolutionary circles, had already been sentenced to four years in prison in 1998 in the case of Rey-Maupin . At that time, Dekhar, nicknamed "Toumi" was - indirectly - involved in the shooting that had five people including three policemen in 1994, in central Paris. He was found guilty of "conspiracy" to have provided weapons to the young couple Rey-Maupin


He is in effect bought the shotgun that Florence Rey (19) and Audry Maupin (23 years) use during a first attack in Pantin, near Paris. We then October 4, 1994, it is 21h. The three young friends, tired of hanging out in unsanitary squats Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine), decide to rob the pre-pound Pantin. Their plan is simple: neutralize both peacekeepers and steal their ammunition for future robberies. Maupin and Dekhar know each other well, they are both found in the media of the radical left-wing. According to several accounts, "Toumi" who took on the role of "mentor" for the couple Rey-Maupin, even played a key role in the transition to violent action the young couple.

"Bonnie and Clyde" in French

Abdelhakim Dekhar that "Le Parisien" described as a man of "staggering discretion", is responsible for keeping watch before the pre-pound. But nothing goes as planned and "Toumi," armed, quickly flees, abandoning his two accomplices. The result is tragic. At 21:30, after having robbed a taxi, the couple Rey defeat to Nation-Maupin two policemen and the taxi driver who had been taken hostage.

Cornered, the two young shooters - dubbed the "Bonnie and Clyde" in French - then require a driver to lead in the direction of Porte de Vincennes. A new shooting bursts. It is 21:45. A police officer fatally shot. Audry Maupin too. He died a few hours later in hospital of Kremlin Bicetre. Florence Rey, the press nicknamed the "killer cops" stopped.

Dekhar, an Algerian spy?

At the trial in which the young woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison - it was released in 2009 after 15 years of "exemplary detention" - Abdelhakim Dekhar deny the facts. Worse, while all the accused, he will know to deny the couple Rey-Maupin. Yet it is Florence which designates it as the "third man" in this case. Manipulator and compulsive liar, he tries to persuade the court that he is actually a spy, an agent mission Algerian Military Security, who must infiltrate the autonomous communities to uncover the e , fundamentalists in the pay of the Algerian GIA = increasing.

Her other lawyer, Raphael Constant, remembers that he often said "he had been led by his uncle, head of the Algerian secret services." Few biographical corroborate his allegations. I must say that life is extremely Dekhar secret. He was born September 24, 1965 in Moselle, and have participated in "Rue 89", in protests against the Gulf War in 1990. This is about all that is known about him. "He cultivated his own mystery behind thick square glasses," wrote in 1998, "Humanity".

Skeptical, the court did not take into account the story of secret agent. Following the trial, "Toumi" - sentenced to the length of his detention "- is released. Then he disappears. According to preliminary investigation, it would be left to live abroad, perhaps in Algeria. At the time, his DNA was not taken because "there was no genetic database," said a source Policie re.

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GREECE: A far-left group claimed the murder of two neo-Nazis

November 17th, 2013


Murder on November 1, two members of the Greek neo-Nazi party doréea Dawn was claimed Saturday to name a previously unknown group called extreme left have acted in retaliation for the re , percent killing of a fascist by a neo-Nazi musician.

"We, the revolutionary fighters Powers people claim responsibility of political executions of members of the fascist neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn," said a statement posted on the website of the Greek information Zougla. 

"The attack was an act of retaliation for the murder of Pavlos Fyssas" a rapper 35 years old stabbed to death on September 18 by a Golden Dawn member output a bar in the southern suburbs of Athens, still according to this text, in which the neo-Nazi party is also accused of killing and beating of immigrants and Other supporters left the last two years.

The statement had originally been duplicated on a USB key itself placed inside a plastic bag Kaisariani deposited in the suburbs of the Greek capital.

It was discovered after a phone call, said Zougla. 

The investigation into the assassination by two strangers at the beginning of Kapelonis Emmanuel, 22, and Giorgos Foudoulis, 27 years, two guards of local Golden Dawn on an avenue in the suburbs north of Athens, was assigned to the brigade in charge of the fight against terrorism.

Murder, before the musician Pavlos Fyssas shocked Greece and prompted authorities to initiate, for the first time, an offensive against Golden Dawn, a party accused of violence since several years, but have received with virtual impunity.

Three members of that party, including its founder and his number two, were placed in early October in custody, charged with "membership in an organization criminal. " 

Entered parliament for the first time after the last elections in June 2012, after receiving 7% of the vote, Golden Dawn, whose speech is xed nophobe and anti-Semitic, has since risen sharply in the polls.


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MEDIA: Taubira: "About the 'Minute' claim to expel me from the human family"

November 14th, 2013


The one of the weekly Minute, comparing the Minister of Justice a monkey, is "extremely violent." These words "claim expel me from the human family, deny I belong to the human species, "said Christiane Taubira, Wednesday, November 13 evening, France 2.

The elected Guyana had been compared to a monkey by a candidate of the Front

national municipal elections, and treated "monkey" by children, during a protest against gay marriage.

"We must recognize that they are about extreme violence, because they claim to expel me about the human family," he told France 2 the Minister of Justice.

"I cash shock. Simply, of course, is violent for my children. This is violent for my family. It is violent for anyone like me. This is for all those who have a difference, "she added.

"We need justice requires"

On his refusal to file a complaint, she said: "I have not a low profile, it is an assumed dignity, displayed with great pride that I want multiple support I received. "

"It is true that I chose initially not to entrust only to justice sanction such statements. We need justice requires of course, because racism is not an opinion, it is a crime, but justice can not bear the whole burden, the company must also ask, " Has she added.

For the Minister of Justice, it is "indisputable" there today disinhibition racist words.

"This is why we face," said she launched. "There are words that have arisen in the public space, which did not give rise to reactions, and let others believe they could inhibitions," he she lamented, while expressing confidence in the "base" of the French company, which she has said, "is built on fraternity" .

Asked about the condemnation of the racist National Front who referred Christiane Taubira felt it was just "hypocrisy" of "cowardice". "While the FN will not renounce all his inheritance, everything that makes her true identity … I think these are accommodations, opportunistic positions, "she has said.

"There was a clash of fundamental values, this confrontation is quite normal. We will battle because we have semantic and cultural battles to fight. Conquests We have policies to rebuild and we are determined to do it, "Does she concluded.

With news

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CLIMATE: Vietnam more than 600,000 people evacuated the approach of Typhoon Haiyan

November 10th, 2013


According to the official Vietnamese press is one of the largest evacuation in the history of the country. The authorities announced Sunday that displaced more than 600,000 people in Vietnam before the arrival of Haiyan, waited for Monday morning, already responsible for thousands of deaths in the Philippines.

"We have evacuated more than 174,000 homes, more than 600,000 people," said a statement of the Vietnamese department for the control of floods and storms. However, 200,000 people in central provinces were allowed to return home due to a change in storm track.

Haiyan, one of the most violent ever making landfall typhoon weakened while crossing the South China Sea. It should be downgraded to category 1 when it touches the coast of Vietnam on Monday morning, 24 hours after it was originally planned, said the Office Vietnamese weather. It is also expected further north than originally expected.

"Haiyan advance rapidly towards the north / northwest at a speed of 35 km / h," the Weather Office. It should make landfall Monday 7:00 (1200 GMT), with winds to 74 km / h or less violent than the peaks over 300 km / h recorded in the Philippines on Friday.

Some 6.5 million Vietnamese could be affected

Central Vietnam has recently been hit by two typhoons, Wutip and Nari, which caused flooding and damaged hundreds of thousands of homes. "Haiyan two or three times more powerful than Wutip or Nari and should do more damage," he told AFP Michael Annear, representing the Red Cross in Vietnam. The humanitarian organization said that some 6.5 million Vietnamese could be affected by the typhoon.

The national carrier Vietnam Airlines has warned that some flights may be delayed or canceled Sunday.

All ships were recalled in ports and authorities ordered hydroelectric dams to enhance security "to limit the human and material consequences," according a statement posted on the government website.

With news

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